Flame-Lord Zander Whitestrake


Flame-Lord of Mistveil



Place of Birth:

Dynarras, Mistveil


Head of House Whitestrake
Lord of Dynarras


Flame-Lord Aerion Whitestrake


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
House of Whitestrake
The San'layn
The Sovereign Dawn


Lawful Good


Cult of Belore


Avo Ravenblade (Great Grandfather)
Avo Whitestrake II (Grandfather)
Aerion Whitestrake I (Father)
Allison Whitestrake (Mother)
Valentina Whitestrake (Wife)
Sarvthus Vadvayne (Brother-In-Law))
Aloisia Vadvayne (Sister-In-Law)
Alyisna Dynar'doril (Daughter)
Tathaln Dynar'doril ((Son-In-Law))
Veleda Vadvayne (Niece)



Zander Whitestrake was the former Flame-Lord of Mistveil, but was killed when he lead an army of his soldiers into battle against the Undead Scourge that still populate the Ghostlands of Quel'thalas. He is buried in the City of Dynarras under The Flame Oak in the old catacombs of the House of Whitestrake.

Appearance Edit

Zander Whitestrake is a tough well built High Elf of 6'7". His long hair he keeps pulled back into a pony tail. He was born with white silver hair and light blue eyes, which made him unique within his family, who all had black. He keeps a well kept beard. He may be tender but he means business when the time calls for it. He has strong facial features. High eyebrows, perfect nose, broad shoulders and very muscular arms and legs.

History Edit

Lord Zander Whitestrake was born 592 years ago, In Dynarras. He was born into a noble and wealthy family, his father, Flame-Lord Aerion Whitestrake being a knight of Belore and his mother, Lady Allison Whitestrake, a very powerful diplomat and mage. His father was Head of the House of Whitestrake and Flame-Lord of Mistveil. Zander was next in line to lead all of Mistveil. He met Valentina Vadvayne and they married. Together they had a daughter named, Alyisna Whitestrake.

Later in life, Zander became the Flame-Lord of Mistveil and lead his people into a thriving era of peace under the leadership of the Kingdom of Quel'thalas. He took in the San'layn that escaped the Lich King's control and wanted a new life. His death came when he marched his army into the Ghostlands to fight with the elven orders in hopes of killing all undead and letting the Kingdom of Quel'thalas rise to complete power once again. But in the midst of battle with the Cult of the Damned, Flame-Lord Whitestrake was overwhelmed and stabbed many times before he died.

Zander was also a member of the Dawn Council for a long period of time, until his death, where his daughter, Alyisna Whitestrake, took his place on the council and rules over Mistveil alongside Tathaln Dynar'doril in her fathers place.

Personality Edit

Zander was a loyal elf. He followed those that are above him with great respect. He was also a very kindhearted and jolly person. But was more confident and protective of the ones he loves more than the usual elf.

Language Edit