Xenus Everdusk
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Lawful Good


Theodluin Dawnbreeze (Father / Deceased)
Yrlissa Dawnbreeze (Mother)
Jerithiel Dawnbreeze (Brother)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The New Horde
The Sunguard


Lightward (The Sunguard)



Xenus Everdusk is a Dawnmender within the ranks of the private thalassian militia know as The Sunguard. She is a skilled field medic and mender who offers kind bedside manner.

Appearance Edit

A kind smile always adorns her features as well as a friendly disposition. Often she is seen in various different robes of her own design, when outside the standard uniform of the clinic.

Personality Edit

Friendly and always willing to assist where needed. When not working in the clinic with the fellow Dawnmenders, she likes to bake sweet treats for the patients who are in need of a little cheering up. Aside from that, she likes to spend her time reading up on various herbal remedies and putting them into practice to better assist the clinic's patients.

History Edit

Xenus was born to the House of Dawnbreeze, a fact few know. As she grew and came into her own under a strict parenting, she decided the restricted life of nobility was not to her preference and stole away in the night to travel the world on her own.

Eventually she came to open her own tailoring shop in a corner of Silvermoon to explore her love of fashion. There she met a man by the name of Raeleth and they began a courtship. When she was discovered by her controlling father, Theodluin Dawnbreeze, he sent an assassin after Raeleth and had him murdered in an attempt to force Xenus back home.

Wracked with grief, and in retribution, she devised a plan to have her own father killed by a fellow friend. Once the plan was enacted, the Lord Dawnbreeze was no more and her brother, Jerithiel Dawnbreeze, assumed position over the House Dawnbreeze. Though he had no proof of his sister's deed, he suspected and agreed with her to give her the freedom she desired but that she would be dead to the House Dawnbreeze forever.

Seeking a relief to her own wounds, she gave up her tailoring shop and decided to dedicate her time to helping others.

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