The Widow's Bane
The Widow's Bane
Art by Arttu Ilomäki.


Esme Sunshard

Noteable Crewmembers

Triniver Dawngazer (Quartermaster)

Class and Type

Frigate (Custom)
Fully Rigged Battleship




20 cannons
2 mages


20 knots (with magical enhancement)


Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The Sunguard

The Widow's Bane is a custom-built frigate Captained by Esme Sunshard. The ship was built and given to her as a requested reward for her service in The Siege of Orgrimmar. While not officially sworn to The Crimson Fleet, it is Captained by a Sunward and many of the crew are Oathsworn themselves. While it spent its first few years as a privateering vessel authorized by the Thalassian State, it has recently ceased its actions in attacking any ships that are not affiliated with piracy.

The Widow's Bane's primary use is hunting down pirates, though it is also used to track down treasure and artifacts.