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Sundial Anchorage


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House of Rainwood
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Sundial Anchorage is the largest city within the Dawnspire. The city sits within a series of forests named the Whispering Glade. Unlike the other villages and manses of the Dawnspire, Sundial Anchorage features a series of stonework, that while elven in fashion, do not have the white marble polish of most elven buildings. Sundial Anchorage features a series of dry docks and warehouses. In the heart of the city is Rainhall, the ancestral seat of House Rainwood.

Sundial Anchorage features many academies focused upon seafaring, warfare, and astronomy. Hydromancers are prevalent as well as astromancers in the magical schools. Sundial Anchorage exports the many goods produced within the Dawnspire and sells them around the world. Elven glass working is a prized export of the city.

Sundial Anchorage is the largest port along coasts of the Dawnspire and is the only port large enough to support the Crimson Fleet, the private navy of the Sunguard. The port services almost 5,000 ships a year from all across Azeroth, but its trade primarily concerns itself from other provinces of Quel'Thalas, its colonies, and Argent Crusader lands to the South. While it has some trade with the Alliance, it's primary connects are of thalassian origin.

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