Known for their Arcanist roots and strong ties to magic, House Firestorm’s rise to power was through the force and driven ambition of its paternal founding member – Vaelindor Firestorm – a feared and powerful mage whose strength resided primarily in the art of arcane and, more notably, pyromancy.

The House of Firestorm

House Sigil

A burning tree, a symbol of their familial claim of a growing legacy through fire and embers.

House Words

Through Fire and Flame, We Light the Path

House Colors

White, Azure, and Gold


The Shallowbrook

Current Head

Vaelrin Firestorm


Southwest Quel'Thalas


Patriarch, High Magister


Lord of Shallowbrook


Vaelindor Firestorm


House Blackwood

Basic InformationEdit

Primary Residence: Shallowbrook

Patriarch: Vaelrin Firestorm

Notable Members: Ilaeriel Firestorm, Rythaen Firestorm, Thyssia Firestorm

Children: Shae Firestorm, Claeth Firestorm

Historical DocumentationEdit

Founding: The the noble House of Firestorm, a once prosperous magister House renowned for its claim to be a pure bloodline of magical excellence. Rising to influential power during Quel'thalas founding, Vaelindor Firestorm formed the House and claimed the territory with devoted allegiance to the Great Kings.

Noteworthy members served their time in Quel'thalas making and ruling from astromancers to leywalkers all with self-proclaimed excellent knowledge in their magical understanding of the elements. It was the sheer numbers of magically inclined figureheads that built the stated and often gloated phrase of being a pure house.

In truth, it was merely coincidental considering their education and training focused entirely on wizardry and conjuring. While not exactly recorded or documented, lesser-known Firestorms did serve as merchants, Knights, Rangers, and so forth. It was due to the House own prejudice and need to keep up their magical reputation that their presence was often lost or undocumented.

Their pride and tendency to sweep anything that did not shine them in the light they wished to portray was a frequent reason for their shaky alliances with other networked peerage and houses. Affiliating with them was only beneficial on the grounds of their ties to the royal House of Sunstrider and less because of their reputation in itself.

Fall and Rise:

House of Firestorm fell with many others during the great Scourge invasion. With their proximity being the first line of defense, they were outnumbered vastly and quick to fall by the sheer numbers of undead that crippled their home and terrorized the area into what is now known as Ghostlands. Many were said to have fled for safety or braved their last stand to the North, but much of the Firestorm clan was marked as deceased when no known relatives stepped forward to acknowledge the continued existence of the House. It was from there considered defunct until some years later when Vaelrin Firestorm reclaimed the title as his birth House.

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