The House of Fairwind

Coat of Arms

A white ship's wheel over a sea-green and violet field representing the family's water magic and magisterial background


The Wind Knows The Way


Cloudward Anchorage

Current Head

Alene Fairwind




Lady/Lord Admiral


Fairwinds of Quel'Thalas


Dalyr Fairwind

 House Fairwind is a magisterial house seated in Cloudward Anchorage, a small port town in the far southeast of the reclaimed portions of Eversong. Socked in on three sides by the Aranothu'ash mountain range, the anchorage is a highly-defensible military position. The closest elven settlement is Autumnlight Village further into the mountains, leading House Autumnlight and House Fairwind to a natural alliance that has been in effect for well over a millennia.

Basic Information Edit

Primary Residence: Cloudward Anchorage

Historical Documentation Edit


Great Battles and Wars Edit

Notable Members Edit

Alene Fairwind - Matriarch, retired Thalassian Navy

Dravis Greenwood (Lord Fairwind) - Alene Fairwind's husband politician (deceased)

Maralise Autumnlight - Alene Fairwind's younger sister, retired Blood Knight, former Paladin of the Silver Hand (nee Fairwind)

Serinda Fairwind - eldest daughter, heir to House Fairwind, aquamancer

Mirax Fairwind - middle daughter, aquamancer, medic

Tallisibeth Fairwind - youngest and final daughter before Dravis's death, commander in the Thalassian Navy