Dawnspire Citadel
The Dawnspire
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The Dawnspire


House of Truefeather




The Sunguard
House of Truefeather
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

The Dawnspire Citadel is a massive tower of ivory masonry in the heart of the thalassian province of the Dawnspire. It is the ancestral seat of House Truefeather and was built only a few years after the founding of Quel'Thalas. The castle itself stems from a single large tower adjoined by smaller buildings that are connected at the base. The castle can support a large garrison and is supported by a large force of artisans, masons, and other people of particular talent.

Its stonework reflects thalassian styles similar to other fortifications found within the Sunwell and Silvermoon City. Its walls are high, but the defenses primarily rely upon large warding crystals to block long range projectiles. These wards have limited effect however.

The Citadel has a large private quarters that hosts those of House Truefeather and a large forge named the Dawnforge. This forge supplies the Sunguard with excellent armor and weaponry.

Exterior Edit

Dawnspire Citadel sits upon a prime location of rolling grasslands and gentle wooded vales. Its height and majesty can be seen from miles away and in the morning light, the sun reflects off the marble, turning the stone to a rich shade of auburn. Being the founding structure in the province, its style was grand and themed after the ancient cities of Suramar of the old Kaldorei Empire. While primarily a fortress, the castle also is its own living city where artisans, servants, engineers, and its garrison can reside. While most of the population lives outside the castle's walls in the country, there is housing for a garrison up to ten thousand.

The defenses of the castle are formidable in the elven sense. Long slender towers give the defenders sight for miles making it difficult for approaching enemies to march unseen. It has several tall thick walls on which ramparts are guarded by archers and war machines. While many manses in Quel'Thalas are primarily warded with crystal, the Dawnspire relies on both physical defenses in addition to arcanic ones.

Interior Edit

The interior has been maintained with particular care to both serve as a symbol of status and relic of antiquity. Crafted in highborne style, it features thousands of slender pillars, natural light, domes, and circular spires. In the high reaches of the tower, bridges connecting the upper reaches of the fortress together.