Almost thirty vessels strong, the Crimson Fleet now spans the world seeing to the interests of the Sunguard and that of Quel’Thalas. The makeup of the fleet varies, while the pride of the Archon’s navy would be the four massive warships that make up their vanguard, Anasterian’s Wrath, The Searunner, The Eternal Vigil, and The Dauntless Phoenix, there are also dozens of smaller ships built for speed, transportation, and even trade. In times of war, all ships are purposed for battle, but in a time of peace, most of the fleet is retrofitted to help induce trade and fight the many pirates of the North Sea.

Most of the warships have on their decks the versatile Ironclaw Bolt Throwers, which work as long range artillery. Being positioned on wheels, the ballistae can be easily moved from starboard to port side effortlessly reducing the needs for batteries of cannons. But where the true strength of the Crimson Fleet comes from, is the living blood mages that crew the ship itself. Their power fire magics are far more effective than any barrage of cannons, and their ability to cast large shields over the ship's help prevent them from long range assaults.  

Though the ships are not without weakness and when foes comes close enough to board, all of the crew prepares to fight. The fleet is garrisoned with professional marines which lead boarding parties and every member of the crew is supplied with sabers and parrying knives.

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