Brightwing Estate
Brightwing Estate


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House of Brightwing


Reagent Lord In'daras Brightwing




Houses of Quel'Thalas, Silvermoon Magistrate, Farstriders (Formerly)

Brightwing House (also called Brightwing Estate) is a partially ruined estate of stately houses located near the dead scar in Silvermoon City, on the western hills between the city and Sunstrider Isle. It was partially destroyed in the Scourge Invasion of Quel’Thalas. The house is in the process of being rebuilt by Reagent Lord In’daras Brightwing.

Being set above the surrounding coastal beaches, it commands excellent views. 


Six-hundred and eleven years before the Scourge Invasion, the estate came into ownership of the Brightwing family when Zin’themar, son of Galadon, married Elara, the daughter and heiress of House Morningbough. Her family had recently inherited mineral mines in southwestern Eversong Forest and the original estates of House of Brightwing were gifted to the people of southern Eversong.

Zin’themar built the estate with the ideals of his forefathers’ in mind, respect, integrity, hard work and protection. Instead of creating a grandiose city estate he constructed a series of smaller, lodge style buildings on his lands. He transformed them into establishments for work, education and dwellings for those loyal to his house.

After Zin’themar’s death, the house passed to Alaris Brightwing, first born son and heir, following the Scourge Invasion. Alaris owned the house in the aftermath, letting it fall to ruin, until he was struck by a curse combating the undead in the Ghostlands. The second born son of Zin’themar, In’daras, and twin brother of Alaris, took control of Brightwing Estate and the family title “Aegis Lord”.

Today In’daras works to find all who may connect themselves to Brightwing blood and reunify them under the house banner. Many lost quel’dorei and sin’dorei have flocked to his banner and now take up residence or work at Brightwing Estate.

Estate BuildingsEdit

Brightwing Manor: This building was designed after the traditional elven ranger lodges. It is a three story building where the “Aegis Lord”, his immediate family, and the house retainers make their home.

The Flaming Feather: This building was roughly designed off the quel’dorei ranger lodges, but was elongated and transformed into an inn for the hard laborers that were most loyal to the house. It comfortably houses up to 9 families.

Loyal Shields: A two-story weapon and armor smithy and shop, with a single tower and observatory, built at the very heart of the estate.

The Merchantry: An interior exchange guild that works directly with, and retains loyalties to, House Brightwing. The same family of financier’s have been watching over and advising the wealth of House Brightwing since the time of Nyro, son of Zelthis.