Amani Tribe
Forest Troll


Zandalar, Amani Empire, Neutral, Independant




Jin'zakk, formerly Zul'jin

The Amani Tribe was a forest troll empire with incredible power in antiquity. Their empire was crushed in the Troll Wars, never to rise again.

Along with the Gurubashi Empire, the Amani Empire was one of the trolls' ruling empires before the rise to power of the kaldorei (night elves). Apparently, it fell into decline before the onslaught of the kaldorei. However, unlike the Gurubashi jungle trolls, their northern "Amani" cousins managed to remain the regional power after the Great Sundering. When the high elves were first exiled and landed in Lordaeron, they met violent clashes with the forest trolls, who viewed them as defiling their homeland. At the time of the founding of Quel'Thalas, the Amani Empire was the most powerful empire in the Eastern Kingdoms; they still held much of northern Lordaeron in their territorial grasp. Eventually the high elves joined with the humans of Arathor and defeated the forest trolls in an immense battle that signaled the end of the forest trolls' empire. The Amani would never recover enough to extend their land beyond their home province of Zul'Aman, but they continued to be an enemy of humans and elves for thousands of years. Evidently, over the centuries they continued to be a significant raiding threat even in the times of the Second War, when they joined the Horde.

The Invasion of Zul Aman Edit

Following the Invasion of the Emberlight, the Sin’dorei armies of House NetherstarHouse Blacksun, and the Sunguard, reached out to multiple allies to defeat the commanders of the combined trollish army. This involved reaching out to the high elven enclave Quel’Athillien and hiring three hundred mercenaries in the Alizarin Company. The invasion would include a large naval invasion into the great swamp called the Diremoor, which served as the only suitable shoreline that the elven host could land. From there the thalassian armies would face a steep and costly march into the ziggurat cities of the Amani trolls. These series of battles would later be known as the Invasion of Zul Aman.